Gas-concrete plants

Well-chosen equipment for production of gas-concrete guarantees you a successful business. Our production lines vary in overall production and automation levels. The following factors should be considered when choosing the equipment: how many cubic meters per day you would like to produce, the room space (should you have some) and your budget.

“ASM-VAZEX” specialists will help you to make the best choice due to your needs and potential.

Polystyrene-concrete unit

Polystyrene concrete is a type of light concrete which contains granules of polystyrene. The equipment for polystyrene concrete production provides for solid-cast filling and manufacturing blocks of various sizes.


Demountable silos receive, store and discharge various commodities: cement, sand, corn etc. The silo is an important part of any large plant. It will provide for the best conditions to store materials and protect them from adverse external factors..

Comminutors: disintegrators and milling complexes

Comminutors provide for fine grinding of bulk materials: sand, cement, coal, plaster, buckwheat etc. Our comminutors vary in power and correspondingly in productivity: between 3 and 5 tons per hour.

Additional equipment

  • Detachable equipment for loaders:
    a dipper,
    a bulldozer blade,
    a crane unit
  • Screw conveyors
  • Belt-type conveyors