Equipment for producing gas-concrete blocks

“ASM-VAZEX” is an exclusive representative of “AltaiStroyMash” company which deals with manufacturing and selling professional equipment for producing non-autoclave gas concrete. We promote the company products into the European market.

The highest quality of production lines and gas-concrete blocks is proved with the large working experience, an introduction of the Japanese system of lean manufacturing, and employing German equipment for precise manufacturing of metal components. You will be able to produce high-impact and regular-shaped gas-concrete blocks which comply with all necessary quality standards using the equipment of “AltaiStroyMash” company.

The production of “AltaiStroyMash” company is highly popular with entrepreneurs around the world. Company specialists implement the quality control of production absolutely at every stage of manufacturing and sales. Therefore, we provide a 2-year warranty for all of the production lines.

Having chosen our company, you receive the life-long maintenance from “AltaiStroyMash” company free of charge:

  • Supervised installation of the new equipment;
  • Training employees to work with the production line;
  • Ready-made formula of gas-concrete mixture (designed individually);
  • Contacts of reliable feedstock suppliers;
  • Marketing and advertising materials to assist in marketing the product;
  • Consultations of engineer-technologists during the production work etc.

Non-autoclave production is profitable!

One of major benefits in our offer states that the equipment for production of non-autoclave concrete is way cheaper than autoclave production. However, gas-concrete blocks are of almost identical properties.

In order to launch the production of autoclave gas-concrete blocks, one must invest around 100 000 000 euro. Should you launch the production of non-autoclave gas-concrete blocks, under 1 000 000 euro will be enough. The plant productivity in both cases will be similar!

There is something else to it. In autoclave production energy consumption is 20 times higher compared to the non-autoclave production as in the first case they use autoclaves, the boiler station and boilers of 10-15 mega-watt each. In order to produce non-autoclave gas concrete we need a lot fewer energy carriers as its hardening takes place at much lower temperatures. Compare: in autoclaves, it is 180 degrees at pressure of 12 atm, whereas in non-autoclave production it is 50 degrees at atmospheric pressure.

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It is easy to become a manufacturer of gas concrete!

Before purchasing the equipment for the production of gas-concrete blocks, one must define the overall production and automation level for the line. “ASM-VAZEX” specialists will assist with the choice of equipment due to your needs and budget while highly-qualified engineers-technologists will teach you to manufacture gas-concrete blocks of high quality.

To see the equipment in operation we invite you for an excursion! You will make sure that the equipment works due to high standards. Also, you will estimate the potential stakes of this manufacturing.